Welcome to U-can Design.

Welcome to U-can Design, my name is Luciana Canu.

U-Can Design is a new idea of design dedicated to those who don’t have experience.

U-Can is a word-pun that comes from my last name. As a self-taught designer, I wanted to create something for people like me and to bring them the message that it is possible to cultivate your passions despite your financial, geographical or physical circumstances.

My own name was there to inspire me: Canu…Can U…U Can!


Sorgente: Surfboard bags

My background


I loved drawing since I could hold a pencil but for many reasons I have never pursued a formal education in the arts. Only later, as an adult in full time employment, something inside me woke up, pushing me to follow my true calling and that is when I started a new chapter in my life.

Five years ago I started creating small accessories, with fabric, resin and dung but I soon wanted to customise my products and I started hand-drawing patterns to be printed on fabric. Here is when my passion for Textile Design was born.

The decision to dedicate my life to the artes brought many big changes. I moved from my beloved country, Sardinia to London, where I studied at Chelsea University of the Arts and at Richmond College. These have been highly formative experiences, extremely useful to improve my techniques but also to expand my network and learn from other artists.

What I learned in these years is that artists and entrepreneurs of all backgrounds learn first of all from their mistakes and from their experiments and I think this is stimulating and should be inspiring to all that want to start a new venture.