Why you should choose Ucan Designs?

With my designs I don’t want only create a product, I also want to deliver the message that is important to create with consciousness, having the courage to approach things differently in order to respect our enviroment and make it a better place, by disrupting the fashion industry’s still non-sustainable, non-ethical standards. Ucan is a sustainable brand, all the fabrics are printed in UK, this help to keep the carbon footprint low, using a water-free manufacturing and printing process with inks that are eco-friendly.

All the designs are Original and Unique made with high quality materials and a deep passion for details. If you buy Ucan’s creations on Ebay website, 10% of the sale of your purchase will benefit CHOOSE LOVE a refugee charity with minimal overheads and maximum impact.


It’s near impossible to be 100% sustainable 100% of the time, but every little helps! I finally managed to buy a piece of regenerated nylon ECONYL® to create a bikini. 

An Italian Company have invented a way of converting discarded fishing nets into a high performance fabric which has exactly the same quality of virgin nylon. Is still rare to find it online, at the moment this fabric is available only for big brand, but it’s a start and I’m very glad that fashion industry is becoming aware of our global waste and plastic pollution crises by recycling materials through this kinds of innovative techniques.

Ucan Design
My designs are inspired by my background, what I experienced growing up in a beautiful island, my love for the sea and for surfing, considered not just as a sport but as a style of life. U-Can Design speak to those who love freedom and nature with a touch of Hawaiian style, those who dream of beautiful sea and look for the next chance to ride the perfect wave, the brave ones and those ready for the next adventure.

U-Can is a word-pun that comes from my last name. As a self-taught designer, I wanted to create something for people like me and to bring them the message that it is possible to cultivate your passions despite your financial,geographical or physical circumstances.
My own name was there to inspire me: Canu…Can U…U Can! You can choose the pattern and create the item that you like and it will made and delivered to you.
You can also contact me for your special requirements or customize surfaces, your bikini, flip flops,
mat bag and many more….U decide!

Tropical leaves Pattern Design printed on Lycra fabric

I can turn your rough pencil sketches of your fashion collection

into technical drawings ready for factory tech packs.


African pattern design turn in a bikini surf set

Super Sporty the new UCAN Swimwear & Accessories 2018 Collection.
Luciana Canu launched her new brand UCan
which can offer the opportunity to create and print
your own texture or pattern in different surfaces.

Caterina & Roberta, Pro Players in Cagliari, Italy,

are wearing swimwear and accessories all suitable during their Beach Volley matches.