How the world has changed with pandemic?

The world hasn’t changed, what has changed is the perspective how to look at it.

How the world changed after pandemic? I want to be honest, while I was in lockdown I was a bit afraid how would be back to real life. Always rushing, having not time for ourselves or others, being irritate or grumpy, getting upset or frustrated, being impatient.

Last Monday I back to work again, all around was so quiet and peaceful, walking to the street, listening at the silence, observing the nature around, everything is so beautiful, how nice would be to live a life like that, even London now is more fascinating, so I’m thinking maybe my way how to observe is changed and only now I’m taking time to see at this little details.

Photo: @rachfullerphotos

This situation gave us the opportunity to opened our eyes, to see which are the priorities in our lives, we started to care of ourselves like never before, like when we get sick. I started to take care of my body, learning to slow down, eat healthy and having a rest. All humanity needed this to stop and reflect, to remember that life is the most precious gift we received.

We are the only ones responsibles to protect ourselves and take distance from any unhealthy situation, relationship or repeating patterns, we must celebrate life everyday, keeping connected with ourselves and understand when is time turn around and leave if an unpleasant situation arise.
I don’t want to be scared anymore, be scared means that I’m not able to say no, means that I give to someone else the command of my life.
Finally, I think the wourld hasn’t change, I think what has changed is the only perspection how I’m observing at it.


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