Window Swap

Share your view to the rest of the world

During the pandemic we put aside the idea of travel, all of us more or less we were forced to stay at home and observe the world behind a real window or virtual one, considering all the social networks we have available now. From Singapore, has been created a platform where it’s possible to share your own view with the rest of the world, I think this is a brillant idea & romantic at the same time , with windowswap it’s possible to travel without moving from home. This beautiful project is also supporting to bring awareness to the massive environmental disaster of ARGENTINA WILDFIRES, we can all give a little contribute following this link

Personally I have always been fascinated by windows, I love looking at the views framed like a paint. I remember when I was a child, waiting for the sunrise from my grandmother’s window, or admiring the sea, in my mum’s house in the city, or when I used to contemplate the landscape stuck in the office where I worked as an assistant for a call center, I still remember the window where I moved to live alone for the first time, or the room on the roof where I first lived in the London.

For me it always had a symbolic, I love imagine what will be the next view, and how not to remember the movie “Facing window” by Ferzan Özpe where he focused an important aspect, with this famous quote “We should always work to live in a better world not just dreaming of it”, because I believe that we are the creators of our life.

This is on of the view that I had the pleasure of seeing during the lock down, I reckon I’ve been so privileged. I don’t know what the next view will be, I can only imagine it, of course, whatever it is, I try to enjoy them all intensely and as much as I can.


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